Massachusetts Shelf Clock

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February 24, 2015
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Massachusetts Shelf Clock


This version of the classic Massachusetts shelf clock features ogee-bracket feet and a truly stunning mahogany crotch veneer on the base. The veneer is genuine Caribbean mahogany, not one of the modern substitutes. The mahogany veneer panel is framed with a satinwood string and rosewood crossbanding. The face on this clock could be decorated however you would like - flowers, your name, the occasion if a gift or if it is marking an event. The clock has an eight-day, weight driven mechanical movement. It is a timekeeper only, it does not strike the hour. Vintage glass was used in the door. Vintage glass is thinner and lighter than modern glass and has visible imperfections including a slight waviness.


30 H x 13 W x 6 1/2 D


mahogany, mahogany veneer, satinwood stringing, rosewood, curly maple, walnut and holly banding, eastern white pine, plyboard (backboard), brass hardware



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