Sheraton Window Seat

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February 20, 2015
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February 20, 2015
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Sheraton Window Seat

Historically, window seats are a rather rare form. I made a pair of these seats from my own design using historically consistent form, style and proportion. Design elements include a flare-out at the top of the legs, lifting handles with satinwood block inlay, sand-shaded satinwood bellflowers and an inlaid diamond with crossover satinwood stringing in the front panel. Small touches you don’t first see like reeding running up the inside of the leg from the seat to the handle and turned kingwood buttons at the top of each leg finish the design of these classy seats. Today, true satinwood is rarely found in furniture due to its scarcity and cost. However, as with most Federal Period pieces, the use of contrasting inlay material results in a dramatic visual impact with the golden/amber glow of the satinwood complementing the warm, purplish brown of the walnut.


shellac (French polish)


American black walnut, ash (seat frames), Ceylon satinwood, black walnut veneer, kingwood (buttons)


14 H (at seat) x 39 W x 16 D