Federal Writing Desk with Gallery

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Federal Writing Desk with Gallery

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I designed this desk to complement a John and Thomas Seymour inspired three-drawer chest seen elsewhere on this site. The desk ornamentation features a variety of bandings, all of which were made in the shop. The desk design features spade feet, a semi ovolo profile on the side and front skirts, a serpentine profile in the back skirt, single board sides, strong diagonal striping and crossbanding and cockbeading on the drawers. The gallery has twin tambour doors, behind which there are six drawers and six pigeon holes. The lancet shaped termination of the pigeon holes lends an Arabic or Moorish flair to the gallery, with the satinwood inlays reflecting the arc of the lancet opening. There is also a document-size hidden compartment (the central stop for the tambour doors.) The columns that flank the tambour doors are sand-shaded holly, complete with capitals, pedestals and garlands wrapping around the columns.


mahogany, mahogany veneers, soft maple, poplar, eastern white pine

Inlay Materials:

holly, ebony, Ceylon satinwood, maple, curly maple, kingwood (crossbanding), she-oak, bone (keyhole escutcheon)


shellac (French polish)


Desk: 30 H x 40 W x 20 D, Gallery: 13 H x 37 W x 9 D